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Numerology Calculator : Find Your Number, Reading & Match

Astrology is very popular around the world today. There are ten different disciplines, including numerology, palmistry, vaastu, parlance, ichthyology, omens, archaeology.

Palmistry is popular in Japan, architecture in China, mineralogy in America, ichthyology in Africa, numerology in Greek and Egypt, and archaeology in our country. Especially today, 'numbers' have cemented its status. It is also known as 'numerology'.

The first to use 'numerology' was the Greek. The famous mathematician Pythagoras legitimately developed  'numerology'. It was later used in all countries of the world. 

There is no function in the world today without numbers. That is, numbers are the basis for all behavior in the world. Numbers are all about the creation, state, and rhythm of the world at all times. Numbers are the reason for all the pros and cons of man's present day life. The numbers control him until he dies from birth. Numerology holds a great place in astrology. 

According to Indian Numerology, each of us has three numbers that are the most relevant; i.e Psychic Number and Destiny Number. To get your Psychic number and Destiny Number and what these numbers are important for you please click here. 

Here is the Numerology based on your Psychic Number and Destiny Number 

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