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Numerology - What is Psychic Number and Destiny Number


According to Indian Numerology, each of us has three numbers that are the most relevant:

Psychic Number :

The psychic number reveals the way you look at yourself. It is what you really want to be and what defines your basic character. It represents your basic predispositions and talents that lead you to interact daily in a particular way.

The psychic number is obtained by making a single whole number (from 1 to 9) of the day of the month on which you were born. 

For example, 

Ganesh was born on Dec 9th, and since 9=9, his psychic number is 9. 
George Born on 23rd May, then his Psychic number is 2+3 = 5.

Destiny Number :

The destiny number indicates how you are viewed by the world and is related to your Sankara - vibration patterns acquired by past actions, or karma. It is also the you that other people see, especially if they do not know you very well. And as you learn the lessons in this life you will tend to take on more of the characteristics of your destiny number.

Although both psychic and destiny numbers are important throughout life, between the ages of thirty-five and forty the psychic number recedes in influence while the destiny number becomes more significant.

The destiny number is the single whole number obtained by adding up the date, month, and year of birth. 

Example : Ganesh was born on Dec 9, 1979, so 9 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 38 again,  3 + 8 =11, further 1+1 = 2. Thus, his destiny number is 2.

Now you calculated your Psychic Number and  Destiny Number. Click  here to get the Reading based on your number. 

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