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Creative Virtual Photo-shoot of An Actress Amidst The Lock-down Grabs Eyeballs

BANGALORE: India is already in a state of disrepair and the general life of the people is in disarray. From day-to-day employees, to big business houses, there is no business, no home. But there are some who have used their time at home to continue their work despite the lock-down.

Kaajal Kunder , a Mangalore lad who has dreamed of making her mark in cinema, has already made her debut in Kannada cinema. In this lock-down time, her friend, Archana Choudhury, has shown her creativity through photography, thinking that she should use her time at home.

According to Kaajal Kunder , "Generally, it is necessary for a photographer and the model to be in the same place in-order to get the photo shoot done". 

"But since that is not possible in lock-down, hence, Archana came up with the idea of virtual photo-shoot. Wherein, Archana makes a video call to my mobile. I have to keep my phone  in a place where the sunlight falls correctly and pose. Archana on the other side will click me from her professional camera keeping her phone in her setup she created at her place."

By clicking the photos being in their own place, the ladies found a way to utilize their time creatively in this lock-down. 

"After locking down, the situation is bad, but we must not let any situation tear us down. We must try to be positive in this situation. There is always a way to do what we love."says Kaajal Kunder.

All images are shared by Kaajal Kunder via their Instagram.

Photographer: Archana Chaudari
Actress : Kaajal Kunder