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Why Do Cardiac Arrests Happen in the Bathroom?

We often hear the news of a heart attack or heart palpitations in the bathtub for many. Heart attack can happen anytime and anywhere, but we often see news of a heart attack in the bathroom. Many important people have died in the same way. So data shows many people have more heart attacks in the bathroom. Lets read about  How to avoid a Heart Attack in the Bathroom.

Whether a heartbeat stops or a heart attack, both are linked to the circulation of blood in our body. Blood circulation has a direct effect on our heart. Blood circulation is controlled by the heart, which is the heart that works to keep our body moving properly and maintaining every organ.

In fact, when we sit on the toilet seat of the bathroom and put too much pressure, it directly affects our blood circulation. This pressure increases the pressure on the arteries of the heart, leading to heart attacks.

Sometimes heart attacks occur while bathing. As for bathing, doctors recommend that pour water on your shoulders, then take a bath. If you do not do this and pour cold water directly on the head, it will affect the blood circulation.

People with heart disease should avoid it. By pouring water directly on the head, a person's heart rate stops immediately. If you suddenly put hot or cold water on your body, it puts pressure on the blood circulation. Thus if you pour water slowly into the feet first, it does not directly affect blood circulation. So these steps must be followed in the bathroom.

Sitting long in the bathroom, exerting too much pressure while cleaning the body, folding both legs, sitting too long, rushing, bathing too much, all of which affect the heart.

Doing this in the bathroom can increase the pressure on the heart's arteries, affecting blood flow. This then leads directly to a heart attack.