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Racer Turned Adult Star Renee Gracie Says 'Indians, Get Off My Page' !

Sydney: Car racer Renee Gracie, who has been turned into an Adult Cinema star due to financial problems, is up against Indians. She is angry on fans who downloading videos from Renee Gracie's official account and uploading videos to the fake online account.

Renee, a former super-car racer, entered the car racing profession at the age of 14. Renee, who later identified herself as a professional car racer, turned into a adult film actress due to financial problems. Losing a lot of races after 2017, was lead to economic problems. Renee then started working at Car Yard, where she signed up with an Adult website called 'Only Fans'. 

Renee makes a lot of money by posting video and photos on her website. But recently, there have been buzz about Renee in the media. After that, some of the Renee videos started downloading from the website, some people opened a fake account on their websites and uploaded her videos. Renee angered after learning, fake account by Indians uploading her videos on websites. 

Talking about this on the website Renee, 'the video and photos I upload are copyright content. I only have a right over those videos. But if you use them and upload them to fake accounts, it is wrong by law. I dint invite you to my page. I still like Indians, But now Renee says Indians must go out of her page. ' says Renee. 

'Ever since my story went viral in India, there has been so many videos and fake profiles made and images illegally stolen from my OnlyFans,' adult star Renee Gracie wrote. "To all you Indian a**holes on my page. Stop stealing my images," she wrote in a post on the adult subscription site.

Renee, who recently spoke about her Adult career, saying my father is proud of the Adult Industry. This new profession has the full co-operation of my family. Thus I am acting in Adult movies. Plus I haven't had much success in super car racing. She said she had now changed her career due to financial problems.

Renee, the first female full-time car racer in Australia, is starring in a blue film, because her previous career doesn't make much money. She is also planning to spend her next career as a blue film star. Renee says, 'people don't remember what we are doing, they only remembers that we accomplished something.'

In her Super-2 car racing in Australia career, Renee has only appeared in the Top-10 once, competing in a total of 17 races. Renee Gracie, who also spoke on the issue, said that in car racing we put our lives on the line and drive the car. Every second counts there. But she felt it was very difficult to make money there.

Renee Gracie first drove her car at the 2014 Australian Car Racing. Now that I have completely left the car race, I have been making money by putting my photos and videos on the social network. Renee told 'I still have a longer life,I would do something else.'

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