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Uday Kiran - Story of Telugu actor who's life ended as Sushant Singh


Debate of Nepotism heating up in Bollywood after suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, but in 5th January, 2014, Telugu Movie Industry lost a charming and successful actor over depression. And there are many striking similarities between two cases. 

Young And Successful Hero 

Uday Kiran born on 26 June 1980 was a Film fare Award winning Indian film actor, who primarily worked in the Telugu cinema. His first three films, Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu and Manasantha Nuvve, were successful hits, earning him the title "Hat-trick Hero". 

In 2001, he won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor - Telugu for the film Nuvvu Nenu, and became the youngest winner of the Filmfare best actor award after Tamil actor Kamal Haasan. He is the only Telugu actor to have his first four films remade into all regional languages. 

The Engagement

After 2003, Uday Kiran had three flop movies, which led him to depression. While he was making some confident effort to overcome it, the girl he was in love with, broke up from him due to a small misunderstanding. This development further pushed him in to depression. 

Telugu Super star Chiranjeevi had come to Uday Kiran's rescue. After this breakup, Chiranjeevi was a great support for him. Uday had a great respect for Chiraneevi. He was like a godfather for him. He used to share many big decisions with him and Chiranjeevi was helped him. 

Going a step ahead, Chiranjeevi gave him the marriage proposal of his daughter to bring him out of depression. Engagement ceremony of both happens and post this event, Uday and Sushmitha spent some time together to know each other. During this time, they found out that they are completely a mismatch. 

The Downfall of Uday Kiran

After the breakup with Chiranjeevi's daughter, According to reports, Kiran was unemployed for over a year and this resulted in financial crisis for the actor. He was also reportedly depressed for not getting film roles. Tenants at his flat have revealed that the actor did not step out of his house for over three months. 33-year-old Kiran was known as a hat trick hero as he had delivered super hit movies with his debut in Tollywood industry. However, recently, has was not getting any movie offer which apparently depressed him. 

The Suicide

Uday Kiran used a rope tied to the hook on the ceiling and a stool in the private gymnasium set up in his three-bedroom flat. The prominent ligature mark found on his neck and other details on the scene suggested suicide. 



Arun Kumar, a High Court advocate, approached the State Human Right Commission seeking a probe into Uday Kiran’s death. Kumar alleged that Uday was sidelined by the four big Tollywood camps, and action should be taken against them. 

“After his engagement to Chiranjeevi’s daughter was called off, the four big camps — Chiranjeevi family, Daggubati family, NTR family and Dil Raju camp — kept him out of work using their powers. He was not allowed to grow in the industry. We demand a strong actions against these four camps,” said Kumar. 

Lately, Uday Kiran's sister revealed some true facts behind his death and stated some incidents about him to a Youtube Channel. With that video, it is clear that Uday Kiran himself was responsible for his death. 

Uday Kiran's sister said, "Chiranjeevi garu extended support to Uday even before the latter's engagement. When Uday was in a painful situation (during a breakup with lady journalist) Chiranjeevi garu extended moral support to him. He, further, decided to do his daughter Sushmitha's marriage with Uday. Once we all visited Chiranjeevi garu's home and had a wonderful treat from his family. It was Uday, who himself, decided to get his engagement broken up with Chiranjeevi garu's daughter. Perhaps, my brother thought that he can't adjust with their family which prompted him taking such decision. 

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