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Numerology - Number 7 in Indian Numerology


Number 7

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Vast, spacious, spiritual. Trouble with expressing their feelings and vulnerable to emotional explosions. Mystical, poetic, intuitive, may be psychic. Have self control and dignity, steady and reliable friends. Skeptical, torn between rational thinking and the call of the unconscious. Proud, investigative, philosophical. Prefer to work alone, opinionated, stubborn, cynical, perfectionist, unsure, escapist, vague. Difficult to be in partnership with.

Charming, lively, unpredictable, able to access subconscious information, a dreamer, sociable, sentimental, studious, analytical. Withdraw when emotionally troubled, critical of self and others. Intuitive, spiritual, want to spend time contemplating the deeper issues of life and love. Trouble expressing feelings, can appear cold and detached, lack trust and courage. May suffer from a troubled mind, lack of determination and resolve. Metaphysically oriented.

The following information mostly applies to Psychic Numbers. For Destiny and Name Numbers, both similarities and differences in interpretation or application can be expected.

Friendly Numbers 8, 6, 5

Enemy Numbers 1, 2, 9

Day : Monday

Color : White

Gem : Cat's eye

Metal : White gold

Karmic Lesson : Practicality

Best suited professions : Artists, teachers, journalists, film makers

Compatible numbers for :
Business : 2, 3, 6, 7
Marriage : 2, 3, 6, 7
Romance : 2, 3, 7, 9

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